Saturday, 6 June 2009

Come on you Taggers

Cant help but notice today that you're all shying away from this one. Perhaps in our enthusiasm for all things craft, we set a real big challenge, but don't forget, Tuesday Taggers is not a competition, just a group of supportive virtual friends who are there to encourage each other to have a go and experiment and hopefully just have fun!

We've been thrilled to see the fabulous work of crafters, both practiced and newbies, and would love to come visit you this week, so come on, take a big breath, rifle something out of the recycling bin, stick some paper on it, give it a lick of paint and let us come see what you have created.

Love and Hugs
x Michelle


  1. Hiya

    Silly question time,
    Does it have to be made into a tag?
    Please let me know,
    Kind regards

  2. Hi Angie Janet here. No it doesnt have to be made into a tag - although we have the name Tuesday Taggers what is important to us is to see what you can do not what shape its in and hope you have fun doing it! Just alter whatever you have laying around :0)Hope to see your entry soon xx

  3. Thank you very much, will get something altered tom, and enter it for all to see,
    Have a super weekend,

  4. I've done mine, just need to get a piccie done tomorrow & I'll be entering it. I won't tell you what it is yet, but a nifty find & recycling!!

    Jan x

  5. Its a brilliant challenge. Thank

    I've found allsorts for altering!!lol. Everyone has strict instructions not to put whats in the kitchen drying in the recycling or else!!

  6. Oh come on ladies. I just love altering things, amazing what you can do ... hope loads more of you join in ...

  7. I'm going to alter something - I'm always doing it. lol So will do this challenge soon. ;)

  8. I've altered a tube of toothpaste into a Mermaid Tag


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